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A Twist on Twinkle Nursery Rhyme fun for Preschool

twinkle star preschool

⭐Looking for some fun preschool nursery rhymes activities to work on phonemic awareness, rhyming, and even counting skills? Something simple and fun for your toddler, preschool, or special education students for circle time fun? Here is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in digital and print formats for low-prep awesomeness.

This is a set of Boom™ Cards and Google™ Slides files plus an adaptive book. These are great for speech therapy and early literacy and preschool math. Using the well-known nursery rhyme and song, practice dragging and dropping skills, choral responding (sing/say it together!), and simple speech skills like prepositions and receptive language.

Includes simple audio instructions and easy mouse interactions.

Printable PDF Adaptive Book: Print in color to laminate and reuse with hook-and-loop or in black-and-white for single use with scissors and glue. Perfect speech therapy activity!

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Boom™ Cards and Google™ Slides plus more

Adaptive Books are all the rage now, as they should be! Take a well-known story or song or some other language target you want to work on, and make a simple book with interactive pieces to it, allowing the student to not only listen and enjoy, but participate! 

Great for language development and differentiation for your young or early learners. 

I. Love. Adaptive. Books!

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