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Teach Emotions & Letters The FUN Way: ABC Emotions for SEL Success

teaching emotions with poems for preschoolers

Are you a parent or educator looking for creative ways to support social-emotional learning (SEL) in young learners, especially those with autism? Teaching emotions can be a challenge, but it's a vital skill for kids to develop. The ABCs of Emotions transforms the alphabet into a fun and engaging tool for building emotional literacy, self-regulation, and a positive classroom community. Teaching emotions with poems for preschoolers is a fun way to tackle this challenge!

Adorable Characters

Imagine the letter “E” with wide eyes and a big grin – that's “Excited”! The ABCs of Emotions turn each letter into a character with a unique personality, matching a feeling we all know. For kids, especially those who struggle with big emotions, this makes feelings less scary and more like friendly characters they can get to know.

emotions words

Multi-Sensory Learning

Poems to read aloud, colorful stories and pictures, flashcards they can hold… ABCs of Emotions isn't just about understanding feelings, it's about experiencing them! Kids learn best through all their senses, so this resource lets them see, hear, touch, and even act out those emotions in a safe, playful way.


Everyday SEL

Teaching social-emotional skills shouldn't be an extra lesson squeezed into the day. The ABCs of Emotions makes it easy! Hang the emotion posters during circle time, chant an emotion poem to transition between activities, or use the check-in flashcards in your calm-down corner. It builds emotional awareness into the whole day, making SEL a natural part of learning.


daily emotional check in

Want a sneak peek?

  1. Fosters Emotional Vocabulary:

    Poems and discussions about feelings give children the language tools they need. When kids can name their emotions like “frustrated” or “proud,” they gain the power to communicate their inner world and understand themselves better.

  2. Links Letters & Feelings: Learning letters AND emotions at once creates powerful connections in a child's brain. This double-duty approach reinforces literacy skills while developing those vital social-emotional foundations.
  3. Adaptable & Fun: From digital stories to printable flashcards, the ABCs of Emotions suits diverse learning styles and classroom needs. The adorable characters make learning about emotions lighthearted and engaging, sparking a genuine love for exploring their feelings.

What's In the Pack?


  • Digital links to Boom™ Cards, Google™ Slides, and YouTube™ activities. 30 slides with each letter an emotion word and a poem. Final slide encourages students to identify how THEY are feeling.
    Boom playable preview CLICK HERE
  • Printable story: Same 30 page story of ABC emotions in color and also black-and-white. Also comes in mini form (1/4 page size) so students can color and take home to extend learning. (72 pages)
  • Daily emotional check-in: Several options using the same emotion letters and instructions on how to use them to do daily emotional check-ins for social emotional learning with “How do you feel?” prompts. Includes 3 full page sizes plus a link to the same versions in poster size (18″x24″) that can be taken to an office supply store to be printed. Also a small size that can be taped to a desk. Students can choose a flashcard letter each day to place on their desk to identify how they're feeling. All of these visuals use the same letters that are in the digital and print books. (11 pages)
  • Flashcards: The same letter characters. Versions with just the uppercase letters in color and black-and-white and versions with the uppercase and lowercase together in color and black-and-white. (28 pages)
  • Small posters: Full page size of each letter pair. Great for word or letter walls or visuals for your room. (28 pages)
  • Coloring pages: Same full page size letter pairs but in black-and-white to be used for coloring pages! (28 pages)

Now's your chance!

Ready to transform how you teach emotions by teaching emotions with poems for preschoolers? Grab a SAMPLE here which includes the BOOM cards version and the small send-home book. And see the FULL PRODUCT for all the goodness. 


The ABCs of Emotions offers a multi-sensory, adaptable approach to teaching social-emotional skills. By making emotions relatable, accessible, and even playful, this resource sets children up for success – both inside the classroom and beyond. Ready to make SEL a joyful part of learning? Explore the ABCs of Emotions today and see the difference it makes for your learners!

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