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Potty Training Tips for Children with Autism: You’re not Alone!

image of toddler on toilet for potty training

Potty training tips for children with autism On a recent episode of the Misfit Behaviorists podcast, Caitlin and I did a 2-part series on … dun dun dun … potty training, especially potty training tips for children with autism, cuz that’s our love! Woohoo! If you have a neurodivergent child or work with students with […]

Compassionate Care ABA in Schools: Moving Beyond Rewards & Punishments

compassionate care

Have you ever felt like traditional Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) methods were missing a crucial element – compassion? The good news is, ABA is evolving! In a recent episode of the Misfit Behaviorists podcast, my co-host Caitlin and I had a heart-to-heart about the importance of compassionate care ABA in schools. Let’s dive into what […]

Accommodations vs. Modifications: Your Guide to Inclusive Classrooms (and Why It Matters!)


Have you ever wondered about the difference between accommodations and modifications in special education? Perhaps you’ve heard the terms thrown around in IEP meetings, or maybe you’re a teacher who needs to support students with diverse learning needs in your classroom. Fear not! Let’s break down these essential concepts, share practical strategies, and even delve […]

Streamline Receptive Language Goal Tracking – A IEP Data Binder Solution

receptive language goal tracking

Receptive language goal tracking for your IEP data binder! Are you overwhelmed by tracking receptive language IEP goals for your students, especially those with autism or speech and language disorders? Juggling objectives, data sheets, and creating materials on the fly can steal precious teaching time. Today I want to tell you about the “Receptive Language […]

Autism Awareness Month 2024: Creating an Inclusive Classroom

autism awareness month 2024

Supporting Autistic Students Beyond April and Autism Awareness Month April is Autism Awareness Month, but true inclusion for autistic students in preschool or elementary classroom means making all our schools welcoming spaces all year round. Understanding autism, recognizing the unique needs of each child, and making thoughtful adjustments can foster a learning environment where everyone […]

Avoid Early Retirement: Combatting Special Education Burnout

special education burnout

Are You a Special Ed Superhero Ready to Trade in Your Cape due to Special Education Burnout? Special education teachers are nothing short of superheroes, but even superheroes sometimes need to recharge. If you’re feeling worn down by the challenges and experiencing special education burnout, you’re not alone. Here’s why special ed teachers might consider […]

How to Teach Class and Categorization for Language Development

baby in green over all playing with toy animals

Teaching class and categorizing skills is essential for building a strong foundation for language development. Understanding how things relate to each other through feature, function, and class (FFC) expands vocabulary, improves comprehension, and supports communication. This is especially important for young learners, those with special education needs, and during speech therapy. If you’re looking for […]

Teach Emotions & Letters The FUN Way: ABC Emotions for SEL Success

teaching emotions with poems for preschoolers

Are you a parent or educator looking for creative ways to support social-emotional learning (SEL) in young learners, especially those with autism? Teaching emotions can be a challenge, but it’s a vital skill for kids to develop. The ABCs of Emotions transforms the alphabet into a fun and engaging tool for building emotional literacy, self-regulation, […]