Smart IEP Goals: How to Write them like a Boss!

how to write IEP goals

How to write SMART IEP goals for preschool students? Start here How to write IEP goals and objectives can be one of the most challenging parts of a special education teacher’s job. And then there is the data collection piece. So hard to figure out if the goal isn’t written measurable or understandable! I’m telling […]

Blast from the Past — Hair cut adventures

autism haircut

Just a funny photo story this week from life before. And we ALL have these stories, but I ran across the pictures, and I had to laugh. Keep ’em busy over the summer! Preschool Worksheets for the summer. Simple and easy because the rest of your summer should be at the beach! ,CLICK HERE Boy […]

Autism Acceptance

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Today is what they call “Autism Awareness Day” and it’s world Autism Awareness Month. Blech. I mean, it’s fine and all that, but here are some of my unsolicited thoughts (so feel free to move long, move along, if you don’t want to know). Subscribe to my silly newsletter to get occasional freebies and updates. […]

3 Ways to use a Preschool Busy Book in an ECSE Classroom

preschool busy books

Are you looking for ideas on how to use busy books in preschool or Early Childhood Special Education classroom? These learning binders are amazing! What is a busy book? Busy books, quiet books, or learning binders are created generally for toddler or preschoolers for a variety of purposes. Parents may use them to keep little […]

I Can Listen — Preschool SEL Lesson

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I Can be Kind lesson can be found HERE I Can Share Happiness can be found HERE I Can be Patient can be found HERE You can get this full lesson (I Can Listen) HERE Just for fun, and totally off-topic… This week, my adult son on the spectrum went and got his hair cut. […]

I Can Be Patient — Preschool SEL Lesson

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I Can be Kind lesson can be found HERE I Can Share Happiness can be found HERE You can get this full lesson (I Can be Patient) HERE This week’s lesson is brought to you by bird masks and Dr Seuss…. Learning Target: I can be patient even when it’s hard by thinking, taking deep […]

I Can Be Kind

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Preschool Social Emotional Lesson The highlight of my day/week/month, whatever it is, is when I go into a classroom to do a guest lesson. I’m now getting into the habit of putting onto paper what I’m doing so that I can share with other parents and teachers. I love getting to share the joy I […]

10 Tips for New Autism Parents! Part II

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Here comes #’s 6-10 of what newly autism diagnosis parents might find useful! #6 Be prepared to advocate for your child Seems logical, right? Well, you’re going to run into a LOT of people with opinions about this or that or how you should do this or that thing over there, and you are just […]

10 Tips for New Autism Parents! Part I

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It’s scary to be thinking about being a new autism parent to your toddler or preschooler. Believe me, there are challenges of being a parent of an autistic child, from before day one! There are autism support groups, please look into those right away, but if you are interested in some quick tips for the […]