Preparing for Success: Tips for Back-to-School for Special Education Teachers

back-to-school new school year

Are you a special education teacher gearing up for the new school year 2023? Don’t start too early! But also don’t wait too long. How about a few tips for back-to-school for special education to get you thinking? As a special education teacher, you play a crucial role in shaping the lives of your students, […]

How to Teach Letter Formation – Preschool Handwriting Tips

handwriting, teach letter formation

Figuring out the best order to teach letter formation can take up WAY too much time for us teachers when we should be eating goldfish and climbing up the slide. Preschool handwriting can be tricky! If you are working on Cognitive IEP Goals for preschool or special education, fine motor skills, or handwriting occupational therapy, deciding what […]

Reading Comprehension Tools: 5 Tips for Early Development

reading comprehension

Why we need Reading Comprehension tools! Reading the words is one thing, but teaching students to READ with MEANING is so much more! Whether you’re developing reading comprehension IEP goals and objectives or are just looking for reading comprehension strategies for elementary students, I came up with 5 quick tips for developing reading comprehension tools for the […]