Blast from the Past — Hair cut adventures

autism haircut

Just a funny photo story this week from life before. And we ALL have these stories, but I ran across the pictures, and I had to laugh.

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Boy was 6 or 7, we were living in my parents’ home because hubs was deployed overseas. Kids had gone to bed, and I went up to bed. Found this at the bathroom counter.

Of course, my first thought was the cute little 5-year-old girl with pretty hair! I went into her room, flipped on her light, and woke her up.

“Did you cut your hair?!?”

/sleepy, blinking response/ “What? No.”

She hadn’t.

It couldn’t be him. Opened his door, he was sitting in his bed, toys all over the floor, playing his Gameboy (which he was NOT supposed to have), with a chunk, down his scalp, carved out. I wish I took a pic of that scene.

“What are you doing?!?”

“My hair was hot.”

Remember, the boy is on the spectrum, so I get the sensory issues, but jeez!

Just a reminder to the young parents out there still trudging through to the sludge…..

Sometimes, you just gotta laugh. It all (or most of it) does pass and move forward. Time marches on. Maturity is an amazing gift.

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