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Back to School Essentials: Interactive Calendar Activities for Special Education Morning Meeting

preschool circle time, girl with glasses and boy in plaid shirt clapping

Morning meetings and circle time are essential for setting a positive tone and building community in any classroom, but they can be especially challenging to keep engaging and educational for students with special needs. Finding interactive calendar activities for special education morning meetings that cater to diverse learning styles and abilities can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. But don't worry! Let's look at three fun ideas that can transform your circle time into an exciting and enriching experience for all learners.

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Why interactive calendar activities?

Interactive tools aren't just educational, they're fun power-ups for learning! Here's why they rock for ALL students:

  • Engagement Boost: Say goodbye to yawns and hello to “ooh”s and “ahh”s!
  • Learning Styles Unleashed: Like a choose-your-own-adventure for the brain!
  • Active Participation: It's not just about sitting and listening, it's about DOING!
  • Personalized Pathways: Tailored to fit each student's unique needs and interests.
  • Sensory Exploration: Touch, see, hear… learning becomes a multi-sensory adventure!
  • Confidence Builder: “I can do this!” No matter the ability level.
  • Inclusion Champion: Everyone can join in the fun, regardless of learning style.
preschool circle time, a girl in a yellow shirt raising arms
With interactive tools, the classroom transforms into a vibrant hub of discovery and collaboration, where every student shines!

Product Spotlight -- Interactive Calendar

Looking for an interactive calendar that truly captivates your special education students? Look no further! This Interactive Calendar is a game-changer for morning meetings and circle time, packed with features that ignite curiosity and boost participation.

Digital and Printable Flexibility: Seamlessly transition between whole-group instruction on your smartboard and individual follow-along activities with printable options.
Communication Symbols for All: Includes Boardmaker™ symbols, making it perfect for students who use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).
Differentiation Made Easy: Three levels of interactive activities cater to a wide range of learning needs, ensuring every student feels successful.

Calendar Skills Galore: From days of the week and months to weather patterns and seasons, this calendar covers it all, reinforcing essential concepts.
Reusability: Laminate and bind for year-round use or opt for single-use printables to customize for specific needs.

With vibrant visuals, engaging activities, and adaptable options, this Interactive Calendar is the ultimate tool for transforming your morning meetings into a dynamic learning experience.

Product Spotlight -- Weather Bear

Dress your morning meeting for success with this Dress the Weather Bear activity! This engaging and interactive tool is perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and special education classrooms, offering a fun way to incorporate weather concepts into your daily routine. And don't miss the silly song to start the daily activity!

With its multi-sensory approach and focus on real-world application, Dress the Weather Bear is the perfect way to make weather learning fun and engaging for all students.

Interactive Fun for All Learners: Students will love checking the weather, choosing the appropriate clothing visuals, and dressing the bear accordingly.

Digital and Printable Versatility: Engage the whole class with our digital Boom Cards™, Google Slides™, and Easel™ activities or use our printable visuals and worksheets for individual or small group learning.

Vocabulary and Social Skills Builder: This activity naturally encourages conversations about weather, clothing choices, and appropriate attire for different seasons, expanding vocabulary and social awareness.

Perfect for Special Education: The visual and interactive nature of Dress the Weather Bear supports diverse learning styles and makes it an ideal tool for special education classrooms.

Bonus Song and Bingo: Liven up your morning meeting with our original Weather Bear song and reinforce learning with our printable bingo game!

girl dressing weather bear
weather bear poster board
girl putting weather bear on poster board

Product highlight -- Circle time songs

Get ready to transform your circle time into a musical extravaganza with the Preschool Circle Time Song Visuals! This back-to-school essential is packed with features that will make your morning meetings sing!

25 Popular Songs with Lyrics: Spark joy and engagement with familiar tunes that children love.
Interactive Manipulatives: 17 songs come with printable props to get little hands moving and brains engaged.
Visual Supports for All Learners: Large, colorful visuals make it easy for all students to follow along, especially those with special needs or autism.
Perfect for Back-to-School: Introduce routines and build community through shared musical experiences.

Versatile Resource: Use in preschool, kindergarten, ECSE classrooms, or any setting where engaging young learners is a priority.
Bonus Silly Verses: Keep things fresh and fun with new lyrics for some classic favorites.

With these Preschool Circle Time Song Visuals, you'll have everything you need to create a joyful and inclusive learning environment that sparks creativity and a love of music.

So hey, transform your special education morning meetings into a vibrant and engaging learning experience with these interactive calendar activities for special education morning meetings. You'll create a dynamic and inclusive environment where every student feels seen, heard, and empowered to learn. Don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your circle time – grab them today and watch your students blossom! Plus, they're fun!

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