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Learning Colors for Preschool Centers

toddler colors

⭐Looking for learning colors activities for preschool centers? This digital and print resource includes Boom™ Cards and printable task cards, flashcards, and even printable student data tracking sheets and also adaptive books to reinforce your teaching.

  • Digital Boom™ Cards, Google™   Slides, plus Easel™   for interactive activities.
  • Printable PDF activity as an adaptive story with three versions.
  • Boardmaker™ symbols used for sentence strips for speech activity.
  • Digital task cards – Paperless!
  • No-prep
  • Self-grading with data
  • Kids LOVE Boom Cards! It’s basically gamifying learning!

How do I use Boom Cards?

Get a Boom account (free or paid)

1) Use “fast pins” link to send to families or use in class without having to log into an account (no data for this method)
2) Create your class with student names and assign   decks directly to each student (data for this method)

For more detailed info:

Support : Boom Learning Support

boomcards by Boom Learning – YouTube

Check out my BOOM STORE HERE.

Preschoolers learning colors through digital fun!

This resource has a ton of digital (and print–see below) options for teaching colors to your toddler or preschool student

Includes 24+ Boom decks that are scaffolded with some decks prompted and errorless and increasing in difficulty. 

Also comes with Google™ Slides file and Easel™ activity, giving you lots of digital options.

3 Versions of Colors Adaptive Book

Adaptive books are great for students in special education or speech and language therapy. They provide opportunities to practice certain skills or language targets using visuals or simplified for their skill level. I love them!

This set of adaptive books (3 versions of colors activities) includes sentence strip printables with core words for speech extension activities. Print, laminate, put on a ring, and carry around so the student can practice identifying colors in the environment!

Find a bunch more fun Adaptive Books HERE.

More Colors Printables!

Task cards are printable cards with a simple task on them. Usually in an easy-to-carry format like 4×6”.

How Do I PREPARE Task Cards?

1) Print / laminate / cut apart.

2) Use organizing system like hole punch and metal ring to hold them together or put topics in photo boxes.

3) Have a way for student to record their answers (e.g., clothespins, dot markers, stickers, etc.).

How Do I USE Task Cards?

1) Centers: Have an assortment or assigned ones in a center. They can be completed independently (independent level) or with a staff member (instructional level).

2) 1:1 instruction: Use task cards at the instructional level to work on individual student goals! You can take data on student responses lickety-split.

3) In lieu of a worksheet: Sometimes it’s more fun to work on a task card than a worksheet.

4) Some task cards can be used for social or communication goals! They can have instructions on them that encourage interaction or work on certain social scenarios.

Get creative and enjoy!

Find other fun task cards HERE.

This colors resource also includes a bunch of printable flashcards–just the colors or objects of colors. 

These are great to use for speech and language therapy or ABA therapy. They can be used for matching, receptive identification, or expressive / labeling tasks. And the clipart is really cute so kids are motivated by them!

Also a great, printable language extension activity. Print, laminate, put on a ring, and help student work on colors using Boardmaker™ symbols and the core words “The … is … [color].” 

Learning Colors Resource

✅ PDF with bundle redeem link to 24 Boom decks of differentiated colors learning from matching colors in errorless format to naming colors with adult collecting data

Playable Preview CLICK HERE

✅ PDF also has 24 pages of color task cards and flashcards to extend learning; includes full-page data collection sheet as well as small one to go with flashcards

✅ PDF with links to Boom Deck and Google Slides file (forced copy link); EASEL™ activity included on TpT of Adaptive Books

Playable Preview CLICK HERE

✅ PDF with color printable adapted book. Print, laminate, hook-and-loop, bind for reuse. Includes symbol visual prompts for your lanyard!

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