Are you a teacher looking for support with students with diverse needs or behavior management in the classroom?

Tune into The Misfit Behaviorists podcast, hosted by Audra Jensen and Caitlin Beltran, BCBAs and special education teachers, as they bring you actionable tips to behavior reduction and skill acquisition.

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Listen to evidence-based strategies with a student-centered focus as they share practical advice for special education teachers, behavior support teachers, BCBAs, and ABA professionals. Whether you're seeking advice or just want to laugh, new to the field or a veteran looking for a fresh perspective, tune in for this unique blend of professional expertise and real-life experience.

Weekly episodes will be concise, because we know your time is limited!
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google sheets data collection
Episode Number 4

3 Reasons to use Google Sheetsβ„’ for Data Collection

Show me the data! πŸ“‹ Welp, it's going to be prettier in Googleβ„’ Sheets! Come listen to some great tips on how to make it easier! Simplify IEP progress tracking with Google Sheets. Learn how + get a free template!
trauma-informed care
Episode Number 3

6 Ways to Approach Challenging Behavior and Trauma-Informed Care

Dive into 6 ways trauma-informed care 🀟 transforms challenging behavior. Understand your kiddos' behavior! Learn tips to build connections, offer predictability, and empower kids with choices πŸ™ Don't miss it! 🎧
special education data collection
Episode Number 2

2 Ways to Hack Your Data Collection

Learn the game-changing strategies to optimize your πŸ“‹ data collection in our latest episode. Discover two tips to allow for more focused teaching and prioritize quality over quantity in data collection. ✨
special education teachers
Episode Number 1

5 Tips for Gaining Teacher Buy in

Discover the πŸ—οΈ key to gaining teacher buy-in and promoting a positive support system in the inclusion or General Education classroom. Join us as we share strategies to strengthen collaboration and build trust from day one. 😍

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