Are you a teacher looking for support with students with diverse needs or behavior management in the classroom?

Tune into The Misfit Behaviorists podcast, hosted by Audra Jensen and Caitlin Beltran, BCBAs and special education teachers, as they bring you actionable tips to behavior reduction and skill acquisition.

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Listen to evidence-based strategies with a student-centered focus as they share practical advice for special education teachers, behavior support teachers, BCBAs, and ABA professionals. Whether you're seeking advice or just want to laugh, new to the field or a veteran looking for a fresh perspective, tune in for this unique blend of professional expertise and real-life experience.

Weekly episodes will be concise, because we know your time is limited!
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Previous Episodes

Episode Number 15

Accommodations, Modifications, & Inclusive Classrooms

Are you accommodating, modifying, or doing a little of both? We're discussing the differences today!
Episode Number 14

Life as a School Based BCBA with Jen Stracquadanio

Our special guest, Jen, is sharing her experience + helpful tips for 🫵 as she discusses her daily life as a BCBA in the public school
Episode Number 13

IEP Data and Materials Organization: Work Smarter, Not Harder

From chaotic 🤪 to systematic 😌- we're talking about organizing all of the materials we have to get the job done!
Episode Number 12

Managing Problem Behaviors Through Replacement Skills

School is not just for academics 🚫; we’re talking behavior management to help our kiddos learn the life-skills they need to ✅ succeed!
Episode Number 11

Sticky Notes & Silly Bumps: The Fun Way to Learn Pronouns

Get your sticky notes ready! 🟨 It’s time to play a silly 🤪 word game all about those tricky little words called pronouns!
Episode Number 10

Navigating Difficult Conversations with ABA Staff

Stop ducking and dodging 🫣 those difficult convos; we’re navigating those tricky conversations today!
Episode Number 9

Superhero Skills to Battle Burnout for ABA Therapy Staff

The burnout 🔥 is real…we’re identifying the causes💡 + highlighting ways to relieve your stress🛁.
Episode Number 8.5

He’s a powerful kind of guy – Autism Awareness Day

We're talking about what autism means to us with a heartwarming message from someone very special!
Episode Number 8

Autism & Awareness Month

In honor of Autism Awareness & Acceptance Month, we dive into the evolution, symbols, lived experiences, and representation of autism.

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