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5 Tips for Writing End-of-Year Preschool Progress Reports

progress report tips
As the end of year is approaching, we're thinking about how to assess our littles or special education students, writing progress reports, and how to report back to parents. They want to know! Here are a few tips as you are starting to wind down your year and provide progress reports to parents (and next year's teacher!)…
1. Use clear and concise language: Use language that is easy to understand and avoid using technical terms or jargon that may be unfamiliar to parents.
2. Be specific: Use specific examples to illustrate the student's progress in various areas, such as cognitive development, social-emotional skills, and physical development.
3. Highlight strengths and areas for improvement: Be sure to highlight the child's strengths, as well as areas where they could benefit from additional support or attention. Think about their next transitions and what the parents might need to know for the upcoming change.
4. Provide actionable feedback: Provide feedback that is actionable and specific. Give suggestions for activities or strategies that parents can use to support their child's continued growth and development.
5. Be sensitive: Be sensitive to the emotions and feelings of parents when writing progress reports. Acknowledge the effort that parents have put into supporting their child's learning and development, and offer support and encouragement as they continue on their journey.
And you're off to the races! Enjoy these last few weeks. Make sure you are giving YOURSELF what you need to get to the finish line!
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