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Special Education Classroom Environment Fidelity Checklist Classroom Assessment


This special education classroom fidelity checklist is an observation and coaching tool to assess effective classroom routines and procedures for students with support needs and disabilities. Behavior analysts or behavior support teams, psychologists, or admin can use this tool to identify strengths and areas for improvement in the hopes of improving classroom management and team cohesiveness.

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This tool should not be the sole source of data for evaluating a classroom, but it is a great snapshot and allows for team analysis and plans-of-action.

✨ Easy-to-use
Digital AND print to give you choices
✨ Perfect for admin, behavior support teams, or psychologist consults
✨ Provides 100 items to evaluate that make a special education classroom ROCK!
✨ Especially appropriate for Life Skills or behavior classrooms

⭐Resource includes PDF with:
10-page checklist assessment
✅Link to Google™ Forms version of assessment


Includes overall score of 100 and anecdotal action plans:
Classroom Quick Check: 10 items that are a good snapshot of how the class is running
Behavior Quick Check: 10 items that are a good self-eval for behavioral strategies in the classroom
Environmental: 12 items such as organized classroom, visuals present, age-appropriate materials
Teaching Strategies: 20 items such as corrective feedback, reinforcement, Gen Ed and inclusion plans, generalization opportunities, promoting independence
Behavior Interventions: 12 items such as clear expectations, choices offered, behavior plans in place, trauma-informed care
Staff: 18 items such as cohesiveness, positive interactions, being on-time and on schedule, treating students with dignity
Data: 6 items such as training, easy-to-collect, collected with fidelity, analyzed, used to make decisions
Students: 12 items such as appear engaged, know their job, have functional communication systems, are involved in the classroom

❤️Great for:
✔️ Behavior analysts and behavior teams
✔️ ABA providers
✔️ School psychologists or counselors
✔️ School administrators
✔️ Teachers, themselves, for self-evaluation!


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