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I Get It! — Paperback book


“Reading comprehension is more than decoding words. It depends less on language comprehension and more on a student's social thinking ability. Yet little has been written from this point of view. Until now. Author Audra Jensen brilliantly illuminates the synergistic relationship between social thinking and reading comprehension. Teachers, administrators, parents, and clinicians alike will appreciate her positive, practical approach to helping children learn to read for meaning.”

This is a book I wrote a number of years ago with Michelle Garcia Winner of Social Thinking. I took a whole bunch of children's storybooks that I loved and used with my littles (and olders!) and used them to pull social emotional learning lessons out of them. Lots of inferencing opportunities and reading comprehension and more. There are a lot of children's books referenced that you can pick up and use with ideas on how to use those books to create social learning opportunities with your social groups.

Order directly from me, and I will mail the book to you! The book is now out of print, but I have a stack I'm still twiddling away at!