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Busy Book Activities Early Learning Binder Pre-K Preschool & Special Education


Looking for early learning busy book activities? Ideal for Pre-K, special education, & IEP goals, this busy binder includes interactive tasks in academics and language with real and cartoon visuals. Perfect for morning work or independent work.

This all-in-one resource that will keep your students happy and occupied while also teaching valuable skills. Can be used for independent and morning work, discrete trial and one-on-one work, and small group activities. Just choose the pages you want for YOUR students, print, laminate, bind or put in a binder, and add hook-and-loop if desired!

Why this?
✔️ Customizable! Select the pages you want to prepare for YOUR students.
✔️ Includes interactive pages perfect for morning meeting (like name, age, how you feeling)
✔️ Boosts academic and language skills at the 3- to 5-year old developmental level
✔️ Perfect for one-on-one or small group work
✔️ Time saving and versatile… Add your own pages to your books to make each one unique

WHAT'S INCLUDED? 180-pg PDF including:

  • Title page and daily pages: students can build their name, find their age, state how they’re feeling, and what they’re excited for (hook-and-loop activities) (12 pages)
  • “Hook and Loop” pages: Simple academics (34 pages featuring colors, shapes, letters, same/different, numbers, counting, 1:1 correspondence), language activities (70 pages with both real and cartoon versions featuring food, animals, clothing, furniture, emotions, good choices, and more!)
  • “Pointing” page:  (no-prep other than laminating!) Same language and academic skills but not matching (receptive and labeling), I like to use these in small groups and call out something to find on the page and students use playdough, stickers, or dot markers to show their answers (52 pages)


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⚠️️IMPORTANT  :   The purchase of this resource gives the buyer permission to download and copy for single classroom or family use only. Electronic distribution is also limited to single use. Copying for other parents, teachers, school-wide use, or for school systems is only allowed with the purchase of additional licenses. Contact me at for additional licenses at a discounted rate. Thank you for respecting my work.

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