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Identifying emotions autism – Emotions card with pictures with digital & more


Working on receptive identification of emotions and facial expressions? These emotions cards with pictures help in identifying emotions for learners with autism and preschoolers. Perfect social emotional learning activities to add to your autism classroom resources! Included are identifying feelings worksheets as well as adaptive and interactive book, flashcards, task cards, digital activities and much more. You don't want to miss it! With data collection sheets, it aligns to your ABLLS assessment for your ABA or special education classroom, as well. 

Support your IEP goals and objectives tracking with this receptive identification activity for emotions

Why this?
    — Learn the most common emotions learners need to know (e.g., happy, sad, mad, scared, surprised) in FUN, interactive ways!
    — Interactive Boom Cards™, Google Slides™ activities
    — Printable adaptive book, worksheets, flashcards, task cards, communication visuals
    — Audio Support: Ideal for early learners and non-readers
    — Easy Data Tracking: Printable sheets for effortless progress monitoring

Perfect for:
    — Special educators & ABA therapists
    — Speech-language pathologists
    — Parents supporting language development 


  • Digital links to Boom, Slides activities
    Boom playable previews CLICK HERE and HERE ← These Boom activities are REALLY good! Check them out!
  • A printable teaching book all about emotions, a great way to introduce to little learners what emotions “look like” and “feel like” in fun rhymes; you can print the description pages and use as posters in your room!; comes in color, black-and-white, and a small version so students can color and take home! (32 pages) ← And this book is AWESOME! I’m so excited about this !!
  • Adaptive book: An interactive book for happy, sad, mad, scared, surprised; Complete the simple sentence “S/he feels…” with the Boardmaker™ symbol; great for language learners! Comes in color to laminate, hook-n-loop, bind, b&w for single-use, and mini-books to send home (32 pages)
  • Worksheets: Find the correct symbol; 3 pages of happy, sad, mad and 3 pages of happy, sad, mad, scared, surprised; match the correct symbol to the picture (7 pages)
  • Flashcards: 32 images; examples are head and shoulders and clear facial expressions for happy, sad, mad, scared, surprised (6-7 examples of each); variety of sizes, with and without labels; print 4-to-a-page (55 pages)
  • Task cards: Find the correct symbol for the picture, happy, sad, or mad (I feel…); print 4-to-a-page; 10 pages, color and b&w, includes mini data sheet (22 pages)
  • Communication symbols: Boardmaker symbols for a variety of emotions plus words for readers (9 pages)
  • Full-size version of the adaptive book in black-and-white that does not have the cut out pieces (just a replica of the small send-home book, but I include this in case you want a big size; I'm finding I like this big size! Maybe you'll want it, too!)
  • Data collection sheets: data sheets plus graph to progress monitor (7 pages)
  • This resource also comes with 2 pages of extra ideas of activities to do to work on emotions. 

Use in conjunction with your ABLLS-R® assessment available at

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