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Wh Questions with visuals choices Requesting WHY Questions Speech Therapy


Looking for wh questions with visuals choices? Find conversations activities for speech therapy with this WHY Questions Communication Activity. Ideal for ABA or preschool language development, this activity focuses on expressive language, helping children articulate needs and wants through WH-questions, building why and how questions.

Includes interactive digital activities, worksheets, visuals, and core words communication book, perfect for enhancing communication and great for ABA or preschool language work. Work on requesting and manding in a FUN and inclusive way!

Why this?
✔️ EASY activities to teach requesting information using questions!
✔️ Enhance early verbal expression
✔️ Fosters independent communication
✔️ Fun way to learn to get needs met
✔️ Versatile for special ed & speech!

Digital activities: Boom™ Cards, Google™ Slides. Using audio and Boardmaker icons on 45 slides. This Why questions activity teaches with Boardmaker™ symbols how to request information using a simple question. Each slide has a simple scenario like “Go see Mr. Pepper”, and the student click-and-drags to ask a WHY question (e.g., “Why?”). Two levels to choose from: 10 scenarios with simple Why and Why not questions, and 10 scenarios with 10 different Why questions (e.g., “Why do we line up?”). 

Teaches how to ask for help and advocate for needs and wants using verbal or symbol language (PECS™). 

Print activities: Printable worksheets in color and black-and-white that include the same 20 scenarios (simply why/why not and various questions), an easy-to-assemble flipbook to practice asking WHY with silly situations, visuals to practice “why” questions, and Core words book with additional visuals. To aid in tracking progress, includes a simple data collection page, enabling educators and therapists to monitor students' progress effectively.


  • Digital links to Boom, Slides activities with 45 slides
    Boom playable preview CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE
  • Printable PDF 
    • Worksheets: Same 20 Why scenarios with visual prompts in color (to laminate and reuse) and black-and-white (to cut and paste) (44 pages)
    • Flipbook: Easy-to-make flipbook to work on silly WHY questions like “Why is the zebra on the table?” (5 pages) INCLUDES DIGITAL OPTIONS
    • Communication visuals: Greetings prompts and why question sentences visuals (2 pages)
    • One flipbook Core Board with icons to use as communication boards (14 pages)
    • Additional common reinforcers and Wh- icons (4 pages)
    • Simple printable data collection page plus graph

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