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Category Sorting – Features Functions Class – Speech Therapy Activity and ABA


Looking for an engaging activity for sorting feature, function, and class for your speech and language, ELL, special education, or ABA students? This speech therapy activity or ABA activity is perfect for students working on visual skills and early language development for autism, English language learners, or preschool communication skills!

⭐ This is SORTING feature, function, and class, digital AND print activities with printable data and graphing. Digital activity gives you a menu to choose from, then 10-15 slides to sort objects into two categories (E.g., “Sort the furniture and vehicles”). Each slide has 10 objects to sort. Print activities include flashcards, adapted books, and speech worksheets. 


❗ This is a digital download product only. No physical media will be sent to you. Remember, please don't share these links with anyone! Thanks for respecting my work!

⚠️ IMPORTANT You will get a PDF with a link to click to download the files from Dropbox. Files can only be downloaded from a computer (not a phone). If you do not see it immediately, check your “Downloads” folder. The file should download to it automatically. Email me at if you have any problems.


Aligns with ABLLS-R B17-B19 Sort by feature, function, class. ABLLS-R® trademark is a registered trademark of Behavior Analysts, Inc.

WHAT'S INCLUDED? 170-page PDF with

  • Digital links for Boom™ Deck, Google™ Slides activity, and Easel™ activity
  • Flashcards: visuals for Features (17 features), Functions (17 functions), and Classes (10 classes) (82 pages)
  • Adapted Books: interactive; 3 books with 15 pages each (30 pages)
  • Worksheets: 5-8 unique pages for Feature, Function, Class sorting (43 pages)
  • Data Collection Pages in print plus printable versions in the digital versions (10 pages)

★ This resource aligns with ABLLS-R B17-19 tasks. ABLLS-R® trademark is a registered trademark of Behavior Analysts, Inc.


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