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Preschool Social Emotional Activity GAINING ATTENTION

preschool social emotional activity

Working on social emotional skills to preschool or special education students can be tough! One way is to engage them in fun, interactive, and reinforcing social emotional activities! I've been working on simple but creative ways to do this, and my latest project is targeting the functions of behavior. (Find a post on crisis management HERE.)

Here's one easy lesson you can plan for addressing the function of ATTENTION.

Here's a great social emotional activity designed for preschool or students with more supportive needs in special education, speech and language, or ABA sessions.

I can get attention

This is a short digital and print lesson titled I Can Get Attention. This is the first of several resources coming that are focused on the functions of behavior and aimed at the young learner.

DIGITAL: Includes a short digital lesson (choose from 1 of 2 levels) which is an 8-slide narrative and then an 11-slide activity to reinforce the lesson. Comes in Google Slides and BOOM CardsEasel™ activity, and a YouTube™ link giving you tons of options.

PRINT: Print the story in color to print/laminate to use as a book in class, print the small black-and-white version for students to color and take home, use the 5-page printable lesson as an extension activity, AND print the communication prompts (using several core words). I love this on my lanyard to carry throughout the day.

Social Skills Adaptive Book

Find the same story content from the digital versions in a printable book for your class or small group. Great opportunity to re-read or practice the skills of gaining attention in a socially appropriate way! Comes in color to be laminated and reused and also in black-and-white that can be single use. I like this one to give students to color and take home to read!

Social Skills Extension Activity

Find this extra activity to use after the social skills lesson. Identify the expected behaviors (and unexpected!) of gaining attention. Also one page to reinforce the “simple” rules and the “advanced” rules from the social story. Also a page to earn “stars” for getting someone's attention. Practice the skill!

Printable Communication Visuals with Core Words

Bonus! Get 13 pages!!! of printable visuals that work great on a lanyard to practice appropriate ways to gain attention. Visuals include core words such as “I need…” and greetings and play prompts.

social skills preschool activities

Social Skills Lessons for Preschool Social Narratives and Activities BUNDLE

You will find this resource but a TON more here. Looking for quick social emotional lessons for your preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten students? Wanting to do social skills activities in morning meeting or community circle? Are you doing social groups but need the simplest of content for your special education or speech students? Here is a buttload of social lessons for you! Each SEL lesson here is designed to be short (5-10 minutes) and then there are printable extension activities. These are in a simple format with limited distractions for your youngest students or those who need the most support. I'm continuing to add new lessons almost weekly, designed by the needs of the students I know!

How do you manage preschool behavior?

Make it fun! This activity is just one idea. You can find lots more ideas like this at my TpT store. 

ABA in School

Social Emotional Learning Activities
special education materials

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