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Social Emotional Learning Story GREETINGS

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Goofy Gary Learns to Greet

Check out this exciting preschool social emotional learning social narrative and activity to use during circle time! This is one of many-to-come ORIGINAL social learning stories with original artwork. The story is presented in a choice format with the reader making choices when given a simple scenario. I love using books in preschool!

This 20-page SEL story and activity is Goofy Gary Learns to Greet. Readers get to choose how Goofy Gary should greet a few different people during his day and see how their choice works out for him! They learn what the “hidden rules” are for greeting people.

This SEL activity and artwork is simple but SO cute and with limited distractions on the page, making it great for special education, school counseling, speech therapy activities, or any preschool classroom.

  • Original social learning story with original artwork. It’s really cute!
  • Teaches ways to greet in a fun, choose-you-own adventure way.
  • Comes in a variety of formats so you can choose what works best for you.
  • Includes printable visual prompts for students to practice!
digital social emotional learning
  • Boom™ Cards: include audio and immediate feedback
  • Google Slides™: play in present mode for audio and clickable links
  • EASEL™: TpT Digital. Use it easily with just your TpT log in! No audio or clickable links, just the story.
  • YouTube™: Hear the story, great for groups.
  • Full-page printable story in color. Print, laminate, and bind to make a book.
  • Half-page printable story in black-and-white. Great to give to students to color and take home.
  • Printable visual prompts! Print, laminate, put on a ring and use throughout the day to help your students practice greeting their friends, family, and teachers!

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