What are some Dressing IEP goals for Adaptive Skills?

adaptive iep goals dressing

Teaching independence to preschoolers with DRESSING IEP goals Teaching preschoolers to dress themselves is one of the first adaptive IEP goals that you might consider! Dressing is one of the first chance for littles to express their own personality and preferences. Also, if they can dress themselves, it’s less for YOU to do as the […]

What are Adaptive imitation goals for IEPs?

adaptive imitation iep goals

What are imitation skills? Before I share examples for Adaptive imitation IEP goals, we have to start with what they are! When talking about Adaptive IEP goals for autism or special education students or even if you are working with your own little one to foster their early development, imitation is KEY!  Imitation is as simple […]

How to Write a Functional Behavior Assessment

functional behavior assessment

What is an FBA? How to write a Functional Behavior Assessment starts with knowing what it is! A Functional Behavior Assessment or FBA is a process that is used by school personnel as part of the IEP process or private clinicians to determine what’s evoking challenging behavior in a student or client. The FBA process […]

Special Education IEP Goals Daily Data Tracking

iep data collection in special education

How do you track data on an IEP goal? When considering a new year, a new IEP, or progress reporting on an IEP, it’s important to figure out a good system for IEP goals data collection. Consider HOW it will look, WHO will be taking it, WHAT it will include, and HOW OFTEN it will […]

5 Tips for a Meaningful IEP Progress Report

iep progress report

How do you write a meaningful IEP progress report? Being a special education teacher bring with it many challenges, not the least of which is PAPERWORK! Writing an IEP progress report, which has to be done several times a year, can drive a teacher bonkers. Between data collection, progress reporting, kind words to families, and […]

IEP Goals Data Collection — Give Me Some Ideas!

iep goals data collection

Thinking about IEP goals data collection? Cuz that’s fun! There are many options out there from digital data collection for special education to academic data collection for resource rooms to toileting! And then how to track these IEP goals?  Obviously, I can’t cover all the answers to IEP measuring and reporting progress, but I’ll try […]

What is an IEP and what is its purpose

what is an iep

What is an IEP and what is its purpose, components of an IEP, when and how an IEP should be created, and progress monitoring. Read on to learn more! What is an IEP? An IEP, or an Individualized Education Plan (or Program), is a document developed by a student’s special education team to ensure that […]

What are Language IEP Goals for Preschool?

preschool speech and language

What are some speech and language goals for preschoolers? So here’s the doozy! Speech and language is a huge focus in our young and developing preschoolers. Whether they are just developing correct speech sounds or are learning how to communicate effectively or even if they are learning self-regulation and emotions identification, many goals for speech […]

What are Cognitive IEP Goals for Preschool?

iep cognitive goals

What are cognitive goals for preschool? While the number one goal for preschool, in my mind, is social skills, self-regulation, self-advocacy, and learning through play, there are some solid IEP cognitive goals that are quite useful and help students prepare for Kindergarten. Many of the goals in the resources may be a little “high” for […]

What are IEP Behavior Goals for Preschoolers?

preschool behavior goals

What are behavior goals for preschool? Writing preschool behavior goals can be some of the most challenging because ALL preschoolers have challenges with self-regulation and emotion navigations, ammi right? What I try to do is 1) think of behaviors I want to INCREASE (and not just decrease), 2) think of strategies that will help them […]