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10 Ways to use Bingo for Fun Preschool Activities

spring preschool activity playing Bingo

What does Bingo teach preschoolers? Bingo is an old and well-known game that makes me think of old people, but there is so much you can do with it! How about a Spring preschool activity playing Bingo? Bingo doesn’t have to be the traditional B-I-N-G-O game or anything. I like to just give out pages […]

Preschool Saint Patrick’s Day Activities

St. Patrick’s Day Preschool Activities ideas I’m starting to collect ideas and create resources for each of the holidays during the year. Saint Patrick’s Day is a silly one but so fun for preschoolers! Here are my first three fun activities for St Patrick’s Day for preschool, Pre-K, and even Kindergarten. Check ’em out! #1 […]