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What are some Dressing IEP goals for Adaptive Skills?

adaptive iep goals dressing

Teaching independence to preschoolers with DRESSING IEP goals Teaching preschoolers to dress themselves is one of the first adaptive IEP goals that you might consider! Dressing is one of the first chance for littles to express their own personality and preferences. Also, if they can dress themselves, it’s less for YOU to do as the […]

What is an IEP and what is its purpose

what is an iep

What is an IEP and what is its purpose, components of an IEP, when and how an IEP should be created, and progress monitoring. Read on to learn more! What is an IEP? An IEP, or an Individualized Education Plan (or Program), is a document developed by a student’s special education team to ensure that […]

How to use an IEP Goal Bank

iep goal bank ideas

What is an IEP goal bank and how do you use it? Are you looking for ideas on how to align IEP goals to Common Core standards or how to general a measurable ABA therapy goal for your student? Why do we make data-based decisions with our IEP goals and objectives? Read on for some ideas! What is an IEP goal bank? […]

What are IEP Social Emotional Goal Examples for Preschool?

preschool social emotional

What are some social emotional IEP goals examples? Developing social-emotional skills is crucial during the preschool years. With the rising prevalence of autism and the emphasis on social communication, setting relevant goals is vital. Discover a wide range of social emotional goal examples tailored for preschool and kindergarten students. From play goals, such as parallel […]

What are Language IEP Goals for Preschool?

preschool speech and language

What are some speech and language goals for preschoolers? So here’s the doozy! Speech and language is a huge focus in our young and developing preschoolers. Whether they are just developing correct speech sounds or are learning how to communicate effectively or even if they are learning self-regulation and emotions identification, many goals for speech […]

What are Cognitive IEP Goals for Preschool?

iep cognitive goals

What are cognitive goals for preschool? While the number one goal for preschool, in my mind, is social skills, self-regulation, self-advocacy, and learning through play, there are some solid IEP cognitive goals that are quite useful and help students prepare for Kindergarten. Many of the goals in the resources may be a little “high” for […]

What are some Behavior Goals for Students with Autism?

preschool behavior goals

What are behavior goals for students with autism? Writing behavior goals for students with autism or preschoolers can be some of the most challenging because ALL preschoolers have challenges with self-regulation and emotion navigations, ammi right? What I try to do is 1) think of behaviors I want to INCREASE (and not just decrease), 2) think of […]

What are IEP Adaptive Goals for Preschoolers?

iep adaptive goals

What are adaptive goals for preschool? When I think of adaptive goals, I think of goals that help a student navigate their environment more independently and are not necessarily related to motor skills, cognitive skills, or emotional skills. Adaptive skills are more self-care like dressing, eating, grooming, and toileting, imitation (such an important early childhood […]

Taking Effective Data: Duration and Latency

duration and latency

Continuing our look at the RBT™ Task List, we are looking at A-02 Continuous Measurement procedures which is probably the most used method in school if you’re taking any direct observation data. These include ABC data collection, frequency or count, rate, latency, and a few more. Let’s look at DURATION and LATENCY recording. What is duration […]

300 IEP Goals and Objectives Examples with Progress Monitoring

iep goal writing

Looking for help with IEP goals and objectives example for early childhood education? Need fresh ideas for preschool, Kindergarten, or 1st grade IEP progress monitoring? This is the BUNDLE of 6 resources which includes 300 goals across 5 domains, not only the IEP goal, but also broken down to objectives and resource ideas! Check it out! It may […]