5 Stages of Social Emotional Learning Skills

social emotional learning

What is Social Emotional Learning? Social Emotional Learning (or SEL) is the process of developing the interpersonal skills we need for school, work, and independent living. With strong social emotional skills, students are better able to engage everyday challenges and become successful at school, at home, and eventually, at work. I was recently interviewed by […]

Winter Holidays Around the World—Preschool or Special Education Activity

winter holidays around the world

What are Winter holidays around the world? How do you teach about Winter holidays around the world to early childhood and special education students? Keep it short and simple! What a wonderful way to teach about diversity and inclusion! It’s important that even the youngest students learn that holiday traditions are different around the world […]

Recess Rules and Behavior Expectations

recess rules and behavior

What are some resources for recess rules and behavior for early education and special education? Students of all ages love recess! But I’m telling ya, those littles and those with support needs live for recess! Choosing and teaching recess rules and behavior expectations can be difficult with little kiddos or special education students. Whether you’re […]

The 4 Functions of Behavior

functions of behavior access

What are the functions of behavior? Everything we do has a reason behind it, right? In special education, ABA, and counseling settings, we are often asked to address challenging behavior—behavior that impedes the learning of the student or that of others. Whether you have a reluctant learner, you’re working on an FBA, or simply want […]

3 Ways to Manage a Young Child’s Behavior: Baby Behavior Series

manage young child behavior

How do you handle a young child’s behavior? Children, for the most part, are born naturally curious and ready to engage socially with other little humans. How do preschoolers deal with behavior? Well, their skills are developing! The adults around them are there to guide them along, living a life of good examples, providing love […]

3 Great Preschool Autism Awareness Month Social Stories

autism awareness kids

I wanted to create fun but useful activities for Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month. I’ve been working on a bunch of preschool social emotional learning activities for lots of subjects, so I wanted to focus on autism and disabilities this month. I like to be a little irreverent and silly because I know my littles […]

Disability Awareness Activities A Neurodiversity Social Skills Story I LOVE WHO I AM

friends with disabilities

⭐Looking for disability awareness activities to go with autism awareness month or other neurodiversity activities? This is one of many to come disability awareness and neurodiversity affirming activities in the form of a social skills story or narrative and activity. Great for social emotional learning morning meeting or counseling activities. Super cute ORIGINAL clipart! This is I Love Who I Am. 12 slides are the social […]

What are Social Emotional IEP Goals for Preschool?

preschool social emotional

What are some social emotional IEP goals for preschool? Social Emotional Learning goals and standards are probably the most important focal areas in the preschool years. Becoming a good community member, developing play and social skills, and growing social competence will help a young preschooler be successful in the years to come. With autism rates […]

Preschool Social Skills Activity ACCESS Function

How do you teach social emotional skills to preschoolers? Working on social emotional skills to preschool or special education students can be tough! One way is to engage them in fun, interactive, and reinforcing social emotional activities! I’ve been working on simple but creative ways to do this, and my latest project is targeting the functions of […]

What are IEP Behavior Goals for Preschoolers?

preschool behavior goals

What are behavior goals for preschool? Writing preschool behavior goals can be some of the most challenging because ALL preschoolers have challenges with self-regulation and emotion navigations, ammi right? What I try to do is 1) think of behaviors I want to INCREASE (and not just decrease), 2) think of strategies that will help them […]