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Task Cards FAQ

What are task cards?

✔️ A CARD with a simple TASK on them. Usually in an easy-to-carry format like 4×6”.

✔️ Contents could be anything from an academic problem to a motor instruction to a speech & language question to answer. Fun to get creative!

How do I prepare them?

  1. Print / laminate / cut apart.
  2. Use organizing system like hole punch and metal
    ring to hold them together or put topics in photo boxes.
  3. Have a way for student to record their answers
        (e.g., clothespins, dot markers, stickers, etc.).

How do I use them?

  1. Centers: Have an assortment or assigned ones in a center. They can be completed independently (independent level) or with a staff member (instructional level).
  2. 1:1 instruction: Use task cards at the instructional level to work on individual student goals! You can take data on student responses lickety-split.
  3. In lieu of a worksheet: Sometimes it’s more fun to work on a task card than a worksheet.
  4. Some task cards can be used for social or communication goals! They can have instructions on them that encourage interaction or work on certain social scenarios.

Get creative and enjoy!

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